Blog / Southwestern Advantage Interns Make a Positive Impact on Their Local Community

Southwestern Advantage Interns Make a Positive Impact on Their Local Community

In the heart of Salt Lake City, a small group of Southwestern Advantage students and leaders recently came together in an inspiring show of community service. The interns were from a diverse array of academic backgrounds and universities across Utah, but had one common goal in mind: serving their local community.

On the morning of February 19th, these interns, led by the Martine Cao, gathered to serve, and uplift those in need within Salt Lake City through meals for the homeless community. The team partnered with Catholic Community Services’ St. Vincent De Paul Center to help locate those in need.

Interns Make More Than Just a Meal, They Make an Impact

Armed with cooking utensils and a resolve to make a difference, the group initially aimed to prepare 30 meals. Through social media promotion and fundraising efforts, they managed to surpass their initial monetary goal. With the funds raised, they prepared and cooked 45 meals, intending to provide support to those within Salt Lake City’s homeless community. Martine Cao, one of the organizers of the event, shared that, “Our goal was not just to feed people but to bring them together and create a sense of community.”

This sentiment was echoed by the heartfelt thanks from Robert, a representative of Catholic Community Services. He expressed his gratitude, saying, “I just want to say thank you to Southwestern Advantage for the food they’re donating. It’s going to go out to Sundays and the Shelter.”

First Year Intern Describes the Ripple Effect of Giving

The interns’ story is a testament to the idea that giving back to the community creates ripples that extend far beyond the immediate act of service. Leftover supplies were thoughtfully donated to the Salvation Army, ensuring that the impact of their work continued.

Participants like first-year intern Bryant Lively shared his experience, saying, “I was really thankful to find ways to serve and give back to my community. I know that this kind of service and selfless attitude will really help me this summer because I will be putting the needs of others before myself.”

Interns Create a Call to Action Through Servant Leadership

The Southwestern Advantage interns’ philanthropic endeavor is a shining example of how young individuals can come together to make a significant impact. This story is not just about feeding the homeless or donating meals; it’s a narrative that challenges each of us to think about what we can do, in our own unique way, to contribute to our communities. It’s a call to action, reminding us to take time out of our lives and find ways to serve others.

The success of this event was made possible by the collective efforts of interns from various universities, each contributing their unique skills and enthusiasm.

Student Participants:

Chloe Taylor (UU)
Blanca Saveedra (WSU)
Isaac Harry (SUU)
Martine Cao (UU)
Jaxson Laramie (WSU)
Leo Healy (MSU Mankato)
Noah Swanson (BSU)
Bryant Lively (SLCC)
Carlos Gomez (UU)
Blake Jensen (WSU)
Jordy Malmaceda (SLCC)
Kade Medina (UU)


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