Internship Program

Participate in an entrepreneurial internship program where you run your own business selling educational materials through a system of referrals and cold-calls to families in their homes.

How it Works

As a wholesale buyer of Southwestern Advantage educational material, your profit is the difference between the wholesale and retail price. Southwestern Advantage is a single-level marketing company that provides the training, product, and business model to help you run your business.

Internship Process


Initial contact

Chat with an experienced student leader to learn more about the Southwestern Advantage Internship Program.


Information Session

Hear from those who have participated in the program to discover if the opportunity benefits your future.


Selection Process

Participate in a three-day follow-up process that includes interviews and exercises to determine whether the program is a great fit for both parties.


Campus Meetings

Join in training and relationship-building meetings throughout the school year.


Production Seminar & Parent Webinar

Learn more about the products and business management. Parents can also participate in a webinar to better understand the internship program.


Sales School

Train with a team of experts and your peers in Nashville, TN, with a focus on product knowledge, the cycle of selling, live role-playing, business management, safety, and ethics.