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Southwestern Advantage Operates by Long-standing Code of Ethics

While Southwestern Advantage is the oldest entrepreneurial program for college students in the US, and perhaps the world, it is also one of the original members of the Direct Selling Association (DSA), the national trade association for reputable direct selling companies.

A member since its inception in 1910, Southwestern Advantage has always been active with DSA, from lobbying for Pyramid Scheme legislation in over 30 states to help lawmakers define and prosecute illegal schemes to leading the way in ethical commerce. Integrity has always played a crucial role to the sales of the Biblical, educational, and leadership products sold for 156 years. First and foremost, however, we consider the young people who participate in the sales and leadership program to be our product. Teaching future leaders who act with integrity and do the right thing is simply part of our culture.

As a part of the efforts to train in ethics to our independent student sales force, there has always been a commitment to both self-regulation and a rigorous Code of Ethics. The DSA Code of Ethics was originally enacted in 1970 to ensure accountability from the member companies engaged in direct selling and the high standards of the industry’s leaders. The DSA Code is a condition of membership. Southwestern Advantage not only follows the guidelines within the Code but works to exceed them. This would include making sure consumers are not misled in any way, policies are in place for Federal cancellation rules, and educational efforts are in place to make sure there are no violations for earnings or lifestyle claims. To this end, Southwestern Advantage has a compliance team that looks out for violations and conducts training to make sure there are as few as possible outside of the company’s parameter. The DSA Code is a living document and receives regular edits to make it even stronger.

Additionally, Southwestern Advantage supports the Direct Selling Self-Regulatory Council (DSSRC), launched in 2019. It is a third-party, independent self-regulatory program administered by the nonprofit organization BBB National Programs. DSSRC monitors all direct selling in the U.S. working to have clear industry standards on all claims, apply self-regulatory practices from other successful models, and raise the bar for the industry as a whole.

The leadership within Southwestern Advantage is continually working to invest in the necessary training, technology, and efforts it takes to have a reputation for ethical commerce. There’s a reason the company has been lasted over 150 years. Marketplace ethics and adherence to the Code of Ethics has always been an important factor for longevity.

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