Blog / Great Leadership Summit II: Perfect Effort, Planning, and Execution Continues

Great Leadership Summit II: Perfect Effort, Planning, and Execution Continues

Southwestern Advantage Hosts Leadership Summit in San Antonio Texas

The sequel to the Great Leadership Summit (GLS 2) was hosted by Southwestern Advantage in San Antonio, Texas, from March 14th through 16th. The three-day event focused on finishing the recruiting season with perfect effort, perfect planning, and perfect execution. Over 225 student leaders and first years were invited to attend the seminar, where they received training from Southwestern leaders, staff, and alumni.

Jacob Brittingham, a full-time recruiter from California Polytechnic State University, said, “I’m excited to be a part of Southwestern and at GLS 2 because we get the chance to impact lives every day… What we are learning here is so applicable and it’s exactly what is missing in today’s generation. It excites me to get an experience that is decreasingly common, but increasingly valuable in today’s world.

“I’m excited to be at the Great Leadership Summit to see everyone and to learn more about personal and leadership development with all of these hard working students,” shared Felila Tua’i, a recent graduate from the University of Alaska – Anchorage.

The Summit meeting is designed to give specialized training to full-time recruiters, recruiters who are still in school, and first year students. The training tracks included a variety of credentialed alumni speakers such as, Justin Gamble and Jeremy Perkins.

Marketing & PR Internship Expand Interns’ Transferrable Skills

The Marketing & PR Internship was introduced at GLS and select student leaders were given the opportunity to participate in the program. Some of their projects include community outreach and press release writing, social media content creation, and interacting with online content. Interns who want to go above and beyond have been able to be creative and brainstorm with the corporate team.

Erica West, Southwestern Advantage’s Director of Marketing shared, “GLS 2 was an opportunity for me to get to spend time with the marketing & PR interns I have been working with since January. Building stronger connections with these talented students reminds me of why I do what I do. We are one team, working towards the same goals.” 

San Antonio a Hit Location for GRS II

During the St. Patrick’s Day weekend, attendees were encouraged to discover San Antonio by enjoying meals at local restaurants and strolling along the iconic Riverwalk, which was dyed green for the occasion. Engaging in enjoyable team-building exercises and receiving expert training, leaders and recruiters were equipped to conclude the recruitment season successfully and kickstart their summer 2024 internship with perfection in effort, planning, and execution.


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