It takes more than classroom knowledge alone to achieve our goals in life. The mission of LEΔD is to empower individuals and families to learn and practice the principles of personal Leadership, Education, Accountability, and Difference-making.

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LEΔD Mentors are the not-so-secret ingredient that makes our program exceptional. They are the ones who keep members engaged, build and maintain relationships, and help the LEΔD program to be both an educational and an enjoyable experience.

Madison C.

Lead Member

“Lead has been helping me prioritize what I need to be doing to reach my goals. Using my time wisely is one of the biggest things I’ve been learning. I love what LEAD has been doing; making habits. After doing LEAD, I don’t want to sit and do nothing; I feel empowered. It’s a good warm up for the rest of my day.”

LEΔD: Member Experiences

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