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For generations, Southwestern Advantage has helped young people achieve their goals in life. Well over 100,000 college and university student students have gained valuable business and life skills that have helped them with their careers, relationships and day-to-day life. We are very proud of the legacy these men and women are building and leaving all over the world!

We would have to admit that initially we were reluctant in supporting our son in this type of working environment, but his growth and maturation over the first summer and each summer thereafter has been phenomenal. The catalyst for that change is credited to the Southwestern Advantage organization and mentoring program - which is now clear to us as parents, has helped him reach his full potential. It has molded him into the responsible, confident young man that he is now and given him the appreciation for the life and family condition he was born into. Participating in the sales and leadership program has been a very positive, life-changing decision.

                Greg & Lisa Johnston

As a parent of a newly graduate high school senior, I was very skeptical of Southwestern Advantage simply because Kyle had no experience whatsoever, never wanted to leave home, and was very leery of doing things outside of his comfort zone. As the first year turned into the second year and the second into the third, all I can say is how proud I am of Kyle and all he has learned. He has become a very confident young man who can speak in public, who knows what he is talking about, and speaks in a positive, compassionate, and professional manner. Not only has my son learned from his mentors, but he’s also become one himself. He has made tons of new friends, met hundreds of people nationwide, and has made a path for himself and his future.

                Lee & Cathy Shiel

The impact of Southwestern Advantage on me, and the memories for our family, are beyond any quantification or measuring. I sold three summers (79-81). We have seven children and six have sold books, five for multiple summers. The benefit for my family from selling (multiple summers) is the development of their character, doing what needed to be done whether they happened to feel like it or not, working the plan, persevering, keeping purpose, drive, push, keep going, not quitting.

Steve & Jayne Barnett

After Carolina’s first summer, she showed many signs of growth, independence, resiliency, patience, and a high level of emotional intelligence. These leadership attributes continue to improve every summer and are not commonly taught in school. This summer program is not about ‘IQ,’ but ‘I will.’”

                Fabian & Candice Corzo

I personally, as well as my husband, participated in the Southwestern Advantage internship while students at Texas A&M. The program significantly impacted our direction and success in life such that two of our sons are now a part of the program. Southwestern Advantage is a solid company that builds into the lives of young college students, providing them with the skills necessary to be successful in all areas of life.

                Kirk & Kendra Massey

As a parent, I was very skeptical of my son going door to door selling books for the whole summer. We struggled with how the first half of his first summer went, and I remember there was one phone conversation that we both cried on. It was a very tough process to watch but with his perseverance I started to see my son grow into a hard-working and dedicated man who wanted a real, life-altering challenge.  As each summer passed, I could see my boy growing and changing and maturing into a strong man; there is nothing now that he cannot do! I have a new outlook, more understanding and appreciation on what it takes to complete this internship. I have attended several Southwestern Advantage events since Camden's first summer and the company is top notch! I am excited every summer to see the ups and downs, the challenges and relationships that are cultivated throughout the summer; I can honestly say that I now trust Southwestern Advantage with my son.

Theresa Grecco 

Why would you let your daughter sell books door to door?  There is no easy answer to that. Her mother definitely did not want her to do it at first.  The short answer is: it’s something she needed to do. It takes a special person with a courageous heart to devote their summers to rejection and a real-life changing experience. Hard work is not as common as it used to be for the younger generations, or at least it is not defined in the same way. Yet still, there are thousands of college students who choose to break away from the norm and take on a challenge.  In my daughter’s case, it was running her own business selling educational products to families.

Rick Whitcomb

As a parent, we want to protect our children at all costs. When my son told me about a summer with Southwestern Advantage, I was very skeptical. The first few weeks were a little bit rough, but I started to notice significant changes in him. Even though he was struggling at first, his attitude was so positive! Southwestern Advantage teaches our children about “life” through selling books. I learned this through watching my son grow into a new person, better than before.

Michelle Fouad

My son just turned 20 and is going on his third summer. At a very young age, he has learned problem-solving and leadership skills. Southwestern Advantage has allowed him to take over most of his expenses, which not only helps, but more importantly, teaches him what it means to be an adult who can fully support himself. I am extremely excited that my 18 year old daughter will be participating in the program this summer and learning those same life skills.

Jake & Betsy Chesney

When our son first said he wanted to do sales over the summer, I definitely had questions. I was concerned he would have to hold inventory, and I had questions about how he would get paid. A recruiter from Southwestern Advantage met with my wife and I. He answered all our questions and helped us understand the program. The experience was tremendous for our son - there was team building, great training, organization, and leadership. Our son worked his tail off that summer. While he made good money, he gained much more from the experience by finding a style of work that really connected with him.

                Richard & Teresa Ignace


Southwestern Advantage... I had never heard the name until my son decided to go off for a summer.

Now I mention it to every college age student I meet. I honestly can't think of a better way for students to take control of their future. I'm of the opinion the personal growth and skills a student develops with Southwestern Advantage would take 20 years for them to develop on their own in today's workplace.

                Ron Wheeler

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