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For generations, Southwestern Advantage has helped young people achieve their goals in life. Well over 100,000 college and university student students have gained valuable business and life skills that have helped them with their careers, relationships and day-to-day life. We are very proud of the legacy these men and women are building and leaving all over the world!

Southwestern Advantage gives me the opportunity to gain practical business skills, build life-long friendships and grow in all areas of my life. I couldn’t be more thankful for this company!

The age span of 18-24 is a crucial time where people learn about themselves and the world. I am a leader with Southwestern Advantage because it gives me the opportunity to help people gain critical skills at a crucial time in their lives. I still run my business because it forces me to be the best version of myself while impacting others at the same time!

I joined Southwestern Advantage mainly for the personal growth that comes from doing challenging things outside of my comfort zone. After two summers, I’m still choosing to grow with Southwestern for the worldwide community of great friends and mentors. Also, working off my student debts is a great motivator too.

My first summer was about proving I could conquer the toughest college program and building my resume. I am so thankful for the mentors I had and the 150+ year old system that gave me the support and accountability I needed to become successful. I ended up not just confident in myself but having stretched my mental fortitude, discipline, servant leadership and lots of character traits that would have taken me years to develop in a normal work environment.

I’m building a business through Southwestern Advantage because I’ve only got one life, so I might as well fight to become the best version of myself through continuous challenge and education.

I decided to do this to gain confidence and become the future husband and father I want to be. I’ve learned how to overcome adversity, see every situation in a positive light and learn how to stay calm, cool and collected in leadership roles.

I have participated in the Southwestern Advantage sales and leadership program for multiple years because I want to set myself up for my future to have the skills and confidence to succeed at whatever I want and to trust myself that I can work when I don’t feel like it.

Running a business through Southwestern Advantage completely changed my life. It’s been a gift to be able to experience the amount of personal and professional growth I have to this point.

One of the reasons I participated my first summer was because the leaders seemed extremely qualified. I’ve been back subsequent years because the leaders have maintained a high level of care and knowledge to mentor me in both business and life.

Applying and practicing the abundance mentality is the greatest testament of my success and will be for my future. It has the unlocked door to happiness, where the only thing we have/need to do is choose what we want in life. Thank you Southwestern Advantage for providing me the environment where I was able to teach myself such a glorious concept.

I would definitely recommend this internship to anybody who likes challenges and who is willing to work hard and learn. Is it easy? No. Is it worth it? Absolutely. It’s okay if you are scared or unsure. I was too. But you’ll be fine. Tens of thousands of people have already been successful at it. You can do it too!

I have gained extraordinary interpersonal communication skills and ability to express myself – which would not be possible without multiple summers in the program.

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