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Thoughts from a Two-time 10,000 Unit Producer

Roy Clancy’s Story of Success as a Southwestern Advantage Intern

Recognized two years in a row as being a 10,000 unit producer, Roy Clancy embodies what Southwestern looks for in students – coachability and a growth-mindset. In his first three years building his business, he took his base from less than 2,000 units and jumped to over 10,000 units.

One of Roy’s 2022 self-coaching tools was his mantra – This too shall pass. He utilized this phrase regardless of it being his best or worst day. He focused on staying grounded and controlling the controllables, which are tools he learned throughout the internship program. One of his biggest takeaways from four summers of door-to-door sales is that nothing happens to him, it happens for him. He chooses to take ownership over any and all circumstances in his life.

Roy shared a personal story about one of his favorite experiences with a family last summer:

“I had the chance to help a family out with LEAD coaching; the dad that bought from me was named Stephen Rogers, like Captain America. He was a local football coach who deeply cared about his step-kids learning the principles it takes to be successful. He referred me to his brother, Roy, who was a local sheriff. Roy Rogers, you know, like the “King of the Cowboys” actor. Probably the hardest family to catch in my career but his name was Roy, so I had to make it happen. Late one Saturday night I finally catch Roy and his wife Nikki at home. Conveniently Stephen is pulling in as well to hang out with his brother – it was the perfect situation. Roy and Nikki had heard about me, and Stephen basically gave the sales pitch for me. Of course, they bought, but more importantly the feeling that family gave me of community and feeling appreciated in this town 1,000 miles from home, is something I will never forget. Countless small memories like that are one of the many reasons this job is so worth it.” To individuals on the fence about joining Southwestern Advantage, Roy advised them to trust in the process and have confidence in yourself. He said, “The system is 160 years old; it works if you work.”


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