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Southwestern Advantage Sizzler Service Project 2023 

Interns Helping Impoverished Communities        

Each summer, interns are given the opportunity to donate a portion of their profits to a community in need. The students then get to see the impact of their kindness by visiting the community they aided on their Sizzler Incentive Trip. For the 2023 Sizzler incentive trip service project, the team revisited a few of the organizations and locations that were previously helped. Nearly $48,000 was raised by the students, for a school (Primeria 18 de Julio), Los Cocos Restaurant, and the Volcanes Education Kids Project.

Encouraging Education & Growth in Quimixto, Mexico

Primeria 18 de Julio, in Quimixto, Mexico, suffered recent hurricane damage, issues with the septic, and needed more structural support. So, this year, the funds the interns donated replaced the septic system, repaired the bathrooms, damage in the kitchen, and the lunch tables. In previous years, raised funds had gone towards adding air conditioners, structural support, and a playground as well as repairing the roof, electrical systems, and windows and tiles of the school.

Los Cocos Restaurant was washed away by a hurricane several years ago and is still trying to recover. It supports numerous families and is their main source of income. The money the interns provides will go towards rebuilding.

The Team Revisits a Project in Volcanes, Mexico

Additionally, the team was able to revisit Volcanes Education Kids Project, a previous service project in Volcanes, Mexico. They saw how their donations, from three years ago, were used to build a community center. The team was happy to revisit with the community and connect with individuals they hadn’t seen since 2020. This year, donations were used to pave a parking area to allow disabled people to enter easily, build a classroom and hire a teacher for deaf students, replace a gate, and furnish the community center. 

Following the Sizzler Service Project, the work is still ongoing. In the coming months, there will be additional tasks performed by local craftspeople. This means that not only is the team funding the community improvements, but also helping the community’s economy by providing jobs for residents.

A Company Sharing the Advantage 

Southwestern Advantage is very proud to share that in the past decade, interns have donated over $400,000 to numerous impoverished communities. Past service projects have included: expanding a girl’s safe shelter, building multiple community centers, adding a wing to a children’s library, building a home for a family in-need, and helping children get off the streets by expanding schools.

The Sizzler Service Project, as part of the Share the Advantage program, embodies service and giving. We are proud to be a company that embraces servant leadership and are honored to have giving and hardworking young people apart of our team!


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