Blog / Sales School 2023: Empowering Sales Success and Personal Growth

Sales School 2023: Empowering Sales Success and Personal Growth

The 155th Southwestern Advantage internship season is off to an exhilarating start as Sales School 2023 kicks off.

With three U.S. sales schools held at Landers Plaza from May 7th to May 26th, followed by four International sales schools, this event sets the stage for a transformative experience. Interns from across the globe gather to train with a team of experts and their peers with a focus on product knowledge, the cycle of selling, live role-playing, business management, safety, and ethics. From energizing keynote speakers and valuable training sessions to the unveiling of exciting new products, Sales School 2023 equips attendees with the tools necessary for both business success and personal growth.

U.S. Sales Schools: Setting the Stage

The U.S. sales schools took place in three consecutive weeks, from May 7th to May 26th, with the participants arriving at headquarters on May 6th. The event kicked off with welcome meetings led by District Sales Leaders, where attendees registered and received their sales kits and supplies.

Mornings during the event were dedicated to intensive sales school training sessions. Participants eagerly absorbed insights and techniques shared by a diverse group of presenters, including Danny Gamboa presenting ‘Mr. Mediocrity’, and more. The afternoons were allocated for organizational training, allowing attendees to refine their skills and apply their newfound knowledge to real-life scenarios.

Keynote and Distinguished Speakers

Sales School 2023 was privileged to feature two distinguished keynote speakers: Dave Brown, Partner at Southwestern Consulting, and Pat Roach, President of Southwestern Real Estate and the President’s Club. Their insights into sales strategies, leadership, and personal development added tremendous value to the event. Also, Lee McCroskey, an alumni and former sales school emcee, shared his timeless “Dirtpile” speech, leaving attendees motivated and ready to overcome challenges as they begin their summers.

The President’s Club Dinner: Celebrating Excellence

One of the highlights of Sales School 2023 was the prestigious President’s Club Dinner, held at the Sonesta hotel on Thursday nights. Attendees enjoyed an evening of recognition, networking, and celebration of outstanding achievements. The event fostered a sense of camaraderie and inspired attendees to aim for greatness.

An Exciting Sales Opportunities: Journey Into the Wild and LEAD

This year, sales school introduced two exciting initiatives that garnered enthusiasm among the attendees. The first is “Journey Into the Wild,” a high-class coffee table book showcasing nature’s awe-inspiring beauty through award-winning photographs. Mark Rau and Dave Causer championed the publication of this book, offering a captivating escape into the wonders of the natural world.

Additionally, interns were encouraged to focus on sharing LEAD, a product designed to enhance skills beyond the traditional classroom setting. Focusing on areas such as communication, goal achievement, vision, gratitude, and finances, LEAD provides monthly mentorship sessions, along with an array of training modules featuring videos, podcasts, and articles. LEAD, which stands for Life & Leadership, Education, Accountability, and Difference-making, promises to empower individuals to make a lasting impact in both their personal and professional lives.

Sales School 2023 Testimonials

Meredith St. Clair, a 2nd Year Intern, expressed her enthusiasm about the event, stating, “…Being able to lead other people as a second year, being able to guide them is an awesome opportunity. Being able to practice that now, before going into the summer – I think it’s great. I love Sales School.”

Tyler Brittingham, a 1st Year Intern, stated, “My last few weeks leading up to Sales School, my habits started to decline, even though I knew I was going to be going into one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. But, me coming in the first week of it – this is literally day three of Sales School for me – I’ve already noticed my habits slowly improving every second. It’s literally a whole new lifestyle I didn’t even know I was capable of having.”

Sales school fosters an empowering environment and encourages students to, “just keep going,” laying the foundation for a successful summer and beyond.


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