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Recap of the 2023 Southwestern Advantage Summer

Southwestern Advantage interns have returned to their campuses after another growth-filled summer. This summer was filled with notable achievements in public relations, a product launch, and sales.

Media Recognition for Southwestern Advantage

Throughout the summer, Southwestern Advantage interns received positive coverage in more than 30 news stories in the community. Notably, interns like Christopher Boyd and Ilja Skopincevs received multiple mentions from various media stations.

Southwestern Advantage Students Participate in Exchange Day 2023

European dealers actively contributed to their communities on Exchange Day, which took place on August 7th. A total of 44 organizations participated in volunteering efforts at local businesses, churches, and non-profit organizations in their respective sales localities. Dave Causer, President of Southwestern Advantage and Global Educational Concepts, expressed gratitude for the participants’ contributions and highlighted the importance of cultural exchange and community service.

New Product Launch: Journey Into the Wild

Summer 2023 marked the launch of an exciting new product called “Journey into the Wild.” This book features a stunning collection of award-winning nature photographs and aims to promote conservation efforts worldwide. Southwestern Advantage interns achieved remarkable sales success with this product, selling a significant number of copies (specific sales figures are missing).

Southwestern Team Member’s Break Records

This summer was a record-breaking period for the company. Emil Tsvetkov set a new record for the highest number of products sold in a lifetime. Peter Petkov advanced to the 5th position, and Denis Nikolov to the 9th position for their outstanding accomplishments. Furthermore, the top 75 experienced dealers all reported more than 5500 units sold, while the 75th first year dealer reported more than 1500 units. Over 40 experienced dealers were in the “100% Increase Club.” This hardworking group comprises experienced dealers who achieved a sales increase of 100% or more compared to the same period in the previous year.

Success with Southwestern LEAD: Several students achieved remarkable success in sharing LEAD with their customers. Jack Wheeler emerged as the new record holder for various categories, including New Revenue in a Year, New Sales, New Sales – Monthly, and Lifetime LEAD Sales. First-year intern Luke Larkin set a record for New Revenue in a Year (FY). Barbara Chaul broke records in New Sales (FY) and New Sales – Monthly (FY). Moreover, several LEAD members have started LEAD 2, indicating the program’s continued growth and success.

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