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How Southwestern Advantage Representatives are Set Up to Run Their Direct Sales Businesses Both Ethically and Legally

Processes, Rules, and Best Practices that Set Southwestern Advantage Representatives A Part

Door-to-door sales and meeting families at their homes is a timeless method for engaging customers face-to-face. It’s crucial to address the concerns surrounding scams and fraudulent activities associated with this approach. At Southwestern Advantage, we understand the importance of upholding the integrity of door-to-door sales. In this article, we’ll dive into the proactive measures taken by our independent student representatives to protect the credibility of this personal selling method.

Going Through Extensive Preparation: Before commencing their businesses, our student representatives undergo comprehensive training that spans over 100 hours. Beyond sales presentations, they receive coaching on safety, integrity, ethics, social media utilization, and professionalism.

Being Compliant with Laws: Our student representatives diligently adhere to federal, state, and local laws governing direct selling practices. They fulfill requirements such as tax payments, solicitation permits, and compliance with traffic regulations. This commitment allows them to operate within legal boundaries set by governing bodies.

Interacting with Local Authorities: As part of their due diligence, student representatives visit local law enforcement agencies in their sales areas. This proactive engagement, in addition to obtaining solicitation permits if required, allows for the exchange of relevant information about the student representatives and the company they represent. This step is a great way to spread awareness throughout the community.

Utilizing a Professional Approach: To establish legitimacy, each student representative memorizes a prepared introduction that clearly identifies who they are and their purpose. With ample resources and information at their disposal, our student reps aim to eliminate any doubts regarding their authenticity.

Sharing Business Cards: Equipped with business cards, our student representatives provide their Facebook business page URL, enabling verification and access to company information. This direct contact medium empowers community members to inquire about the student dealer and their activities.

Creating Facebook Business Pages: Every student rep maintains a dedicated Facebook page for their business. Through this platform, they can share information about themselves, how they can be recognized in the community, and details of their outreach efforts. Students also showcase pictures of their interactions with customers and local law enforcement, fostering transparency and community engagement.

Utilizing Dual-Sided Photo ID Badges: To maintain professionalism and facilitate information exchange, each student representative is provided with plastic ID badges. These badges include the dealer’s information, the company’s website, and even an emergency safety line. Badges are worn using lanyards, offering an easily accessible point of reference for families.

Representing with Optional Car Decals: Some student reps opt to display decals on their car doors and back windows, featuring contact information and clearly indicating the company they represent and the products they offer. Decals not only are a great marketing tool, but also are also helpful in spreading awareness in the community.

Representing with Optional Swag: Many of our student representatives can be seen wearing company branded swag, such as polo’s, t-shirts, visors, and more. Sporting company gear is another great way for our students to be easily identified and recognized in their sales locality.

Living with Local Host Families: To establish a stronger bond with the community, our student representatives reside with host families during their sales period. By immersing themselves in the local culture, paying local taxes, and supporting local businesses, they become valued members of the community. Living with host families not only reduces expenses but also provides a secure environment for storing belongings.

Being Distinct with Clear Representation: To avoid any confusion, it is explicitly stated on their contracts, business cards, car decal, ID badges, and Facebook Business Pages that neither the student reps nor the products they sell are affiliated with local school districts. The products are designed for home use rather than classroom settings, ensuring transparency and clarifying the purpose of the offerings.

Offering a Dedicated Customer Services: Under a contract with Southwestern Advantage, student representatives are committed to aiding their customers. They guide them through the three-day cooling-off period for cancellations and address any queries related to the products. This emphasis on customer support reinforces trust and accountability.

Verifying with a Dealer Look-Up Page: For added assurance, consumers can visit the Southwestern Advantage website and enter the representative’s first name, last name, or account number. This verification process allows customers to confirm the identity and legitimacy of their assigned student dealer.

Communicating Clearly with a Contract of Sale: Each sale is accompanied by a legally binding contract between the student rep and the consumer. This contract ensures both parties’ protection by outlining the terms, cancellation policies (in compliance with the Federal Cooling-Off Rule) and guarantees regarding product delivery.

Conducting Business Under an Ethical Code: As an esteemed member of the community and a participant in the Direct Selling Association, Southwestern Advantage adheres to a strict code of conduct. Additionally, the company maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, exemplifying its commitment to ethical business practices.

Door-to-door sales continue to be a powerful method for connecting with customers on a personal level. At Southwestern Advantage, we believe in safeguarding the integrity of this approach. Our comprehensive training, compliance with laws, professional branding, engagement with local authorities, and dedication to customer service are just some of the ways we uphold transparency and build trust. By implementing these measures, our independent student representatives ensure the continued success and positive reputation of door-to-door sales.


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