Blog / First-Year Spotlight: Jose Juan Tirado Hologuin

First-Year Spotlight: Jose Juan Tirado Hologuin

How Top Talent Jose Juan Joined the Southwestern Advantage Internship Program

When looking to recruit top talent, the leaders and recruiters within the Visionaries organization had to look no further than Jose Juan Tirado Hologuin. Jose Juan will be joining hundreds of students on the book field this summer as a first-year intern. He is excited to build his character by meeting adversity and challenges head on.

Jose Juan, a junior at the University of Texas in San Antonio, is majoring in psychology with a minor in business. He has an impressive record of self-motivation with his involvement in sports and leadership positions throughout his high-school and college career. During a rotary exchange program before college, he developed his independent thinking skills. He has learned how to adapt to different cultures and speaks fluent German, English, Portuguese, and Spanish. Jose Juan also has a passion for serving others. He has participated in several mission trips in the Sierra Tarahumara in Mexico and was on the board of Club Interact, an organization that provides community service to areas in need.

Jose Juan has Big Goals for the Future

It should come as no surprise that this impressive First Year has big goals for his future, in and out of Southwestern Advantage. Jose Juan’s 2023 summer goal is to do 35 demos a day and to total over 4,000 – 5,000 presentations. He is one hundred percent focused on getting the most out of this opportunity and would love for his efforts to help him make more than $25,000, which he would put aside to start his own business after college. Jose Juan’s focus is to be a source of inspiration for his family and to provide opportunities to the people around him. His ultimate professional goal is to be the CEO of his own consulting firm specializing in organizational psychology.

We are excited to see Jose Juan find success in the Southwestern Advantage Program and are proud of our student leaders for recruiting students of such strong character.


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