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Customer Experience Highlights

Student Representatives Create Meaningful Experiences with Their Customers

It’s well known that Southwestern Advantage sells educational systems, but sometimes, the biggest impact is made not by the product, but by the experience. With just a few weeks into the summer, student reps have already created an amazing impact on their communities. Below are just a few quotes from customers who had fantastic experiences with their Southwestern Advantage representatives.

Enrijs Skujins’s Customer Stated:

“Very knowledgeable and respectful, we had a good chat about his goals in education and he was happy to help with my child’s education. Happy to have him in my home.”

Emma Barnett’s Customer Stated:

“Emma was extremely polite and very educational. She seemed to know a lot about what she was doing and to care a lot about the children’s education. She was very pleasant and very informative on the product she was trying to sell.”

Ilja Skopincevs’s Customer Stated:

“Ilja was very knowledgeable about the products and also showed me the things that are not readily noticed (projects, posters .etc.) He was very polite, interacted with my child, and set the app up for us as well. He is a real credit to your organization.”

Noah Swanson’s Customer Stated:

“Noah was amazingly nice and really accommodating with our time and even came back because my husband wasn’t awake yet. He was really informative, and I loved that he talked straight with us and did not give the run around on prices and payment plans.”

Alexandra CaMacHo:

“Alex was wonderful, so sweet, very intelligent and inspiring. She got right to the point while educating me on how I can better educate my daughter. We are looking forward to learning with our new books! Thank you!”

Trace Severson’s Customer Stated:

“Trace was very well knowledgeable on the books he sold us! He was very friendly and upbeat! He was not pushy in the sale and multiple times said if we’re not interested it’s fine. But also offered multiple packages to fit our needs. As soon as he left my girls started using one of the apps and can’t wait to do more tomorrow! Very glad he stopped by our home to share this with us!”

Randel Suurkask’s Customer Stated:

“Randel was very personable, friendly, nice, and straight forward. He was very respectful and interested in learning about our family and daughter. He was a joy to work with!”

Gabrielle Robert’s Customer Stated:

“Delightful student and eager to learn and share the benefits of buying the educational resources. Remained, professional and patient with my questions.”

Yoyo Jiang’s Customer Stated:

“We enjoyed talking with Yo-Yo very much. She was friendly, polite, and knowledgeable about the products. We were able to connect with other on several topics of shared interest.”


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