Southwestern Advantage

2nd Grade through 5th Grade



Advantage4Kids is designed to help kids master the critical math and reading skills required in grades 2-6. Students learn math and reading concepts through relatable, story-based videos created by nationally-acclaimed teachers, who show not only the “hows” but also explain the “whys.” Multi-level games, quizzes, National Geographic eBooks, and interactive glossaries also provide exceptional practice that is both smart and fun! Advantage4Kids also features a DO YOUR BESTTM life and leadership series as well as a unique math learning journey. 

Features of the collection:

My Fun With Words

My Fun With Words

The My Fun With Words books are vocabulary-building picture dictionaries, designed for young children through 2nd grade. This two-volume set features over 1,200 humorously illustrated words, including sight words, multiple-meaning words, spelling support, and specialized vocabulary for all school subjects. Research proves that vocabulary knowledge is the number one predictor of reading success, making My Fun With Words a “must have” for families.

Features of the collection:

Ask Me Sets

Ask Me Set

Kids ask a lot of questions! Within the Ask Me book pages, your child can explore outer space, learn about reptiles and mammals, and discover fascinating facts about other cultures. Designed for kids in grades 2-5, the Ask Me Sets feed kids’ curiosity about the world around them. Fun facts, a find-it-fast index and easy-to-understand information on required school topics makes the Ask Me Sets ideal for both pleasure reading and school writing assignments.

Features of the collection:

Explore & Learn

Earth and Space

This six-volume series of “how and why” books for grades 5 and up helps naturally curious students in this age group discover more about the world around them through hands-on projects, short stories, and activities. Topics spanning nature, science, geography, history, social studies, and language arts make the Explore & Learn Set perfect for school writing assignments, presentations, and science fair experiments.

Features of the collection:

Family Bible Library

Family Bible Library​

An 8-book series created to support families in helping their kids on their journey with Christ. The series breaks down the 36 building blocks of character that come to life through the stories of the Bible. Each book has 30 Bible stories, in language that is easy for kids to understand and is suitable for every religion that has Christ at its center.

Features of the collection