Southwestern Advantage

About Our Program

Since 1868, Southwestern advantage has offered college students the opportunity to develop valuable business, sales, life and leadership skills. This experience not only bolsters resumes, but teaches life-changing success principles.





One Door At A Time, One Family At A Time

With this program, there is a means to an end. Being an entrepreneur teaches life skills the old-fashioned way: through repetitive failing and hard work. To be successful, you have to be willing to take a risk and to get better, you have to practice. Running a business selling educational products promotes growth and a life track that allows experiences to be the teacher, rather than a lecture or text. We learn quicker by doing.

A few years with Southwestern Advantage will teach you all about who you are and the person you someday want to be. We all have goals, right? Might as well start working toward them now!

Share the Advantage

Serving Others

Share the Advantage is a giving back program intended to share our learning products with every child and family, regardless of their financial circumstances through community and individual partnerships.

In addition, student reps participate in our annual service project where they volunteer and financially support long-term impact projects while on their incentive trip.


Distinguished Alumni

Chip Gaines


Star of HGTV TV’s Fixer Upper, Author


Governor of Oklahoma, Former Chairman and CEO of Gateway Mortgage Group


Founder & CEO of Renewable Choice Energy