Blog / Embracing the Past, Inspiring the Future: The Southwestern Advantage Reunion

Embracing the Past, Inspiring the Future: The Southwestern Advantage Reunion

Celebrating 155 Years of Impactful Growth and Connections

Marking the 155th year of the program, the Southwestern Advantage Alumni Reunion brought together over 800 passionate individuals for an unforgettable event filled with heartfelt connections, inspiring tales, and a celebration of shared experiences.

A Tribute to Dan Moore and His Impactful Legacy

Additionally, the event honored former president Dan Moore’s long career with Southwestern Advantage. His retirement was recognized with the unveiling of his portrait outside of the, newly named, Dan Moore Auditorium. Dan’s friend and team leader, Marty Fridson, perfectly summed up the essence of Southwestern Advantage, stating, “This was more than a business. It was truly about shaping young people’s lives.”

Southwestern Alumni Share Inspiring Tales of Personal Growth

Filled with food, conversations and fun, the two-day event brought Alumni from diverse backgrounds together to honor their journey and the significant impact the summer internship program had on their lives. Reflecting on his three summers, Estonian Peep Vain shared, “This has been not a life-changing, but a life-defining experience for me, and I am eternally grateful for that.”

As old friends reconnected and new connections blossomed, the reunion stood as a testament to the enduring legacy of Southwestern Advantage. JT Olson shared, “I don’t think anybody’s better at training people how to sell and how to handle themselves in these situations than Southwestern. They are experts. They’ve been doing it for a long time.”

Many of the Alumni attributed their life success to the invaluable skills and tools they acquired through the Southwestern Advantage program. On the second night, the first female senator of Tennessee, Marsha Blackburn, was in attendance and spoke of her experience in the summer program. She has credited Southwestern Advantage for teaching her many lessons and skills that she has applied throughout multiple areas of her life. Amy Brock-Devine, the record holder for most lifetime units sold, emphasized, “[SWA] gives people the platform to develop skills quickly and safely.” Her words echoed profoundly as she revealed, “When I would want to give up, I had somebody who always believed in me…. I learned that you are unstoppable.”

Southwestern Advantage – An Incubator of Success – Inspiration for the Future

“Southwestern will always be a special place, for so many reasons,” Jack Clark III stated. He went on to describe the program as “…an incubator of success principles and character development and its hard and challenging, but it’s worth it… you cram 10 years’ worth of life experience, foundational principles, and wisdom and knowledge into a 3 month summer opportunity for college students. It’s the best incubator I know of helping people get to that next level of their life.”

The event was an undisputed success, marking it as the biggest Alumni gathering the company had ever seen. This milestone reunion reminded everyone present of the program’s profound impact, uniting generations of alumni in a shared celebration of the past and a collective inspiration for the future.


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