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Conquer homework, tests & quizzes. For kids Pre-k through 12.

Why Families Choose Southwestern

We offer the only learning system that addresses the ‘whole child’ through interactive apps, websites, and books that provide comprehensive academic learning, as well as life and leadership skills using an interactive approach. Southwestern Advantage is your home for today’s education.

Our Product Collections

Preschool through 1st

Our content goes beyond academics and includes fun, animated cartoons that teach about patience, persistence, taking turns, following directions, and even how to be smart about money!

2nd through 5th

Students learn math and reading concepts through relatable, story-based videos created by nationally-acclaimed teachers, who show not only the “hows” but also explain the “whys.” 

6th through 12th

Thousands of instructional videos, quizzes, worksheets, and articles provide comprehensive learning and practice in all core and required subjects for grades 6-12.

“Knowing a child is driving their own learning in a positive and productive way is what I love to see in both my classroom and at home. My children ignite their own learning through the Southwestern Advantage books and it makes me proud that I made the choice to give them these resources at a young age.“

Julie Wescott, M.S.
1st & 2nd grade teacher, Minnesota

“The material leads to high-level thinking, gives opportunities for problem-solving, gets the student thinking beyond the classroom. “

Edna Rogers, M.S, B.S.
National Teachers Hall of Fame member

“When I heard Southwestern Advantage was going to develop a companion website for these books, I confess I had my doubts that you could do it. However, it looks like it was done right. The use of video tutorials is becoming commonplace, but what I’m most impressed with is how easy it is to find the appropriate tutorial. Just typing in the relevant page number is brilliant!“

Thaddeus Wert, M.ED.
Vanderbilt University

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About Southwestern Advantage

Our longstanding history

Southwestern Advantage is known worldwide as one of the premiere sales and leadership companies in the world. It all started in 1855 in Nashville, Tennessee with a mail order business for Bibles and religious tracts by Rev. J. R. Graves. In 1868, after the Civil War had wrecked the Southern economy, Rev. Graves noticed college students did not have a way to pay for school. He started the sales program to help students offset their educational expenses that is still going strong today. While the only changes in 150+ years has been the products sold and the technology used to sell it, each year 1,500+ students from 200+ campuses from 25+ countries gain an experiential education helping families with their at-home educational needs.