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Why purchase from an
independent student rep?

For over 150 years, Southwestern Advantage has had a program to help college students offset their costly educational expenses by running their own business and gaining the character and skills they need to achieve their goals in life.

The products and learning tools are not sold at retail or via ecommerce because it would take away the opportunity for a young person to make the sale and continue their growth path toward their goals. When you purchase from a student, you not only receive quality education materials to help your children, but you also help a college student by supporting their small business.

Kid Approved. Parent Preferred. Teacher

Since 1868, Southwestern Advantage has served millions of families with their in-home educational needs.

Our comprehensive learning system is kid approved – growing with the child from preschool to college prep. Parent preferred- enjoyed by families in public, private and homeschool learning. Teacher recommended – specifically designed by a national board of top educators to be a reliable resource for your family’s educational needs.

We offer the only learning system that addresses the ‘whole child’ through interactive apps, websites, and books that provide comprehensive academic learning, as well as life and leadership skills using an interactive approach. Southwestern Advantage is your home for today’s education.

Preschool through 1st Grade

Early Learning Educational Products

2nd Grade through 5th Grade

Elementary School Educational Products

6th Grade through 12th Grade

Middle School & High School Educational Products


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