Southwestern Advantage

6th Grade through 12th Grade



Thousands of instructional videos, quizzes, worksheets, and articles provide comprehensive learning and practice in all core and required subjects for grades 6-12.

Features of the collection:

Explore & Learn

Earth and Space

This six-volume series of “how and why” books for grades 5 and up helps naturally curious students in this age group discover more about the world around them through hands-on projects, short stories, and activities. Topics spanning nature, science, geography, history, social studies, and language arts make the Explore & Learn Set perfect for school writing assignments, presentations, and science fair experiements.

Features of the collection

Advantage Series (4 book set)

This four-volume set features comprehensive instruction for grades 6-12 for all required and college-bound math, science, social studies, and language arts subject matter.

Books of the collection:

Honors Advantage

The Honors Advantage volume and companion DVD feature sample passages, problems, and expert strategies to prepare students for scoring a 5 out of 5 on the 10 most popular AP exam subjects. Instruction is provided by experts who have scored AP exam results for the College Board.

Subjects include:

Topic Source Books

Topic Source is a valuable report-writing resource for students in late elementary through high school. Topic Source gathers the most important information for writing assignments and summarizes them to make report writing easier. Also included for each topic is MLA citation of sources, required for today’s nonfiction writing assignments.

Features of the collection:

College Entrance Advantage

Looking for a tried-and-true resource to help your college-bound student get into the college or university of their choice? Look no further! College Entrance Advantage (CEA) is created in partnership with The Princeton Review – the most highly respected company in the college test-prep market. CEA has helped students nationwide prepare for the SAT and ACT exams in order to get into the best colleges and universities. 

Features of the collection:

Family Bible Library

Family Bible Library​

An 8-book series created to support families in helping their kids on their journey with Christ. The series breaks down the 36 building blocks of character that come to life through the stories of the Bible. Each book has 30 Bible stories, in language that is easy for kids to understand and is suitable for every religion that has Christ at its center.

Features of the collection: