Southwestern Advantage selected as a Top 100 Internship of 2021 by WayUp

For the second time, Southwestern Advantage has been chosen by WayUp as part of their Top 100 Internship List for 2021 by a panel of industry expert judges and thousands of public votes. WayUp is a popular “job matchmaker” (job site and mobile app) for college students and recent graduates where they can create a […]

Door-to-door Legitimacy Since 1868

For as long as there have been doors, there has likely been someone who knocked on them to make a sale. Door-to-door has long been a successful way to engage people face-to-face to share the value of a product offering – and it still is. When summer approaches and door-to-door solicitors canvas communities throughout the […]

The Southwestern Advantage Program Provides Soft Skills Not Taught in a Classroom

As the oldest entrepreneurial program for college and university students in the United States, the internship has always been open to students of all areas of study because of the skill sets the program offers that are not always taught in the classroom or other experiences related to the course of study. While the program […]

Southwestern Advantage Partners to Fight Human Trafficking

Southwestern Advantage Partners to Fight Human Trafficking Southwestern Advantage is honored to have an official partnership withEND SLAVERY TENNESSEE. ESTN promotes the healing of human trafficking survivors and strategically confronts slavery through training, aftercare, advocacy and prevention services. ESTN is the single point of contact for all human trafficking referrals in Middle Tennessee and provides […]

Southwestern Advantage U.S. Group 2020 Sales: Best in More Than a Decade

SOUTHWESTERN ADVANTAGE U.S. GROUP 2020 SALES: BEST IN MORE THAN A DECADE SEPTEMBER 2020 – The most common question Southwestern Advantage sales leaders heard from alumni in the spring of 2020 was, “Are you going to have a summer??” The question made sense as the world worked to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Well, not only […]

Southwestern Advantage Service Projects Lead to Missions With Southwestern Travel

One of the key principles of the Southwestern Family of Companies Statement of Purpose says: “The power of serving others; what we do is important.” For a company that’s had an entrepreneurial program for college students for 152 years, service to others is one of the most important life skills gained. Over the past decade, Southwestern Advantage […]

Dr. Ralph Brigham & Southwestern Advantage Awarded Top Internship in U.S. for 2019

Dr. Ralph Brigham and Southwestern Advantage have been selected as recipients of the 2019 Charles F. Kettering Award. Each year, Cooperative Education & Internship Association (CEIA) recognizes one recipient of the Charles F. Kettering Award for excellence in industry, business, or government internship/cooperative education programs. CEIA is the national leader in cooperative education and internship program […]

College Internships & Becoming a Great Job Candidate

As a college student, you know internships are important. You know there are many to choose from. So, how will you find the right one for you? How will you become the right person for them? How will your internship springboard you into a fulfilling post-grad career? Let’s start here… 3 Qualities of a Great Internship […]

Refuse To Be Average

Article seen in Bloomberg, Businessweek, Fortune, and Money Since 1868, extraordinary college students from around the world have developed people skills, come to understand their strengths and weaknesses, experienced what it means to work without guarantees, and become employable – forever. Many college students look for standard summer jobs and internships to put on their […]