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Tamara and Mike Porter – The Porter’s daughter, Channing, worked in the Southwestern Advantage sales and leadership program as a freshman at the University of Maryland

The Porter Family - Southwestern Internship Experience

As parents of a college freshman daughter, we were obviously concerned when Channing came home talking about selling books door-to-door over the summer in the Southwestern Advantage sales program. We researched the company and learned of the reputable alumni (former governors, successful business owners and executives), spoke with her Student Manager, (who drove 3 hours to meet us in person to answer all of our questions and concerns), and most importantly talked with Channing as to why she wanted to take on such a challenging and hard working summer job; then we gave her our full support. That support truly does help the students on those difficult days.

We are so grateful for the maturity and growth she has experienced working for four summers, and now recruiting for Southwestern Advantage. Channing has learned so much about self- discipline and motivation, relationships and leadership through her Southwestern Advantage experience than she ever would have in a traditional summer internship. She knows how to run her own business. The sales, leadership, and management training is outstanding.

Southwestern Advantage is an amazing company and experience for students that want to push themselves, and grow and develop while being surrounded by managers that truly lead and teach students to be successful in business and in life. Now our second daughter is getting ready to be a “book kid” and she can’t wait for summer.

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