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"I believe that this Biology section could be used as a resource for advanced middle school kids, especially if the 8th grade students were taking a Life Science class. In terms of the adaptability to high school, it would fit in quite well as a General Biology course or even in an Advanced Biology class. It is interesting enough for most students to even want to read as a science book. And that is probably this book’s strength: having an interesting point of view in the reading, articles, diagrams, side pieces, and even the tables with pictures. I have never seen a book take on the view that it does. Highly interesting and stimulating and hopefully the students that will use this book will feel the same as I do. Very good use of FYI’s for the reader.

I do like the streamlined approach to this book. I think it is clean and neat and a great organized approach from the student’s point of view.

Of particular interest to me was the approach to a very difficult and not so easy subject, from The Cell Theory to the Punnett squares in the heredity section. It makes a good connection between the DNA molecule and the Punnett section. This is a quite unique approach and I think it a valuable approach to the reader/student and how it applies to change through time, such as with HIV. It was a good link and a good connection.

This book is a good synopsis of science from the ancient scientists with early theorists bringing a new take on the history of science approach to the study of life science. A good point of view as it “evolves" in the approach of introducing the student to the history of science and its relative importance on biology. I know of no other biology book relating the history of science to biology as this book does. And I like the approach to connecting some of the lesser scientists/biologists to the important connection(s) in blazing the way into biology as it has evolved into the importance science it is today."

Ernest Schiller
34 years as a classroom teacher, Biology and Advanced Biology
Iowa Teacher of the Year
Excellence in Teaching Science Award
Christa McAuliffe Award
Ph.D and M.S., University of Iowa
B.S., Iowa State University

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