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Growing up I always remember adults talking on and on about how time flies, how the days are “getting away from them” and many other catch phrases to indicate that they were lost in a time warp. I, on the other hand, was tracking the absolute endless days until my birthday came back around, or God help me, Christmas–because as a child time isn’t a commodity, its a curse.

And it goes soooooooooooooo slow.

I realized the other day I am officially an adult because time has somehow shed its curse and now, every second of it is a blessing.

I don’t count down until birthdays.
Christmas comes around faster than the speed of light.
And it is almost August.


This means I need to think about school. I have 4 weeks to prepare, grab my supplements, get my supplies, and plan.


So, the other day when a young college student named Jenny came to my door toting educational supplements from Southwestern, I swung the door wide open and invited her in.

She has spent her entire summer break working from 8:30 in the morning until 9:30 at night selling the Southwestern products door to door in this city. The commissions she earns puts her through her next year of college. Personally, I can’t imagine doing what she does, but I gave her my ear, and then after, my credit card number, because she had some really great supplemental ideas for the Fall.

I wanted to share some of my purchases because we have really enjoyed them so far.

Ask Me Books

First, the Ask Me series. I purchased both of the seven volume book series written to answer questions children might ask about their world.

Is Greenland really green?

All throughout the book are “fun facts” and “do you know” text boxes.

I laughed when I read the question, “Is Greenland really green?” because years ago Emelie DID ask me this question. And last year, Kenny asked the EXACT same question.

As Jenny showed our family a sample of the Ask Me books, she pointed out how sturdy they are (bindings are sewn, not glued), how the pages are clearly and colorfully done, and because she knows kids”

“she pointed out the “fun facts” about hippos and poop.

Which animal flings its droppings around?

Yes, POOP!

I had no idea they flung about their poop, did you?
Well there you are.

Parents everywhere know how very funny poop is – poop and pee. I seriously have no idea why potty jokes are so age old, but if you say fart or poop in my house YOU WILL get a laugh”


Here’s a question for ya”

Who has a hairy nose?

“Who has a hairy nose?”

Did YOU know a rhino’s horn is made of hair?

I never knew that.
Like, ever.
Like, totally.
Like, gag me with a spoon.

Moving on.

Who hid inside a horse?

There’s a little bit of history.

Why isn

Some social studies.

Who has a trumpet nose?

I just love these books.

Who dances with Dragons

As does Kenny.
I know because I dug three of them out from under his body when I went in to check on him before I crawled into bed.

HOW in the WORLD do kids sleep ON TOP OF books, cars, Legos, etc”¦?

The girls read them too. Emelie is 12, so of course it isn’t a hard or challenging read for her, but she likes reading and sharing them with her siblings. Plus, that girl is just an information hound. Between her and her daddy we have a mental collection of the most useful as well as completely useless information database of any family I know.

Who ate fat white worms?

I like to look at this photo when I’m out of Weight Watchers POINTS for the day and feeling snacky.


Visual Table of Contents

The Ask Me books have a visual Table of Contents – absolutely perfect for young readers. And the whole set came with two sticker books – but not your regular sticker books – these are static stickers. They can be used over and over again without losing their stick.

Gotta love that.
Although I love stickers, I truly hate putting money into sticker books because spending $15.00 on a book that can only be truly used once seems like a waste of money.

I’m just sayin’”
And stickin’


(I need to get off these pain meds.)

So enough about the Ask Me books, now let me show you what I’ll use to supplement Kenny’s Science this year.

Explore and Learn: Science

The Explore and Learn 6 Volume set.

Let me tell you why I LOVE these. First, like the Ask Me series, they have sewn bindings. But also? YOU CAN WIPE THE PAGES CLEAN. My kids spend a lot of time reading at the table – for instance, while eating cereal.

We have many books with milk splotches.

The paper is raised and wavy.

I KNOW you KNOW what I’m talking about.

Well, I can just wipe it right off with these books.

Explore and Learn Me and My Body

And each page is filled with very well done illustrations, but also, ACTUAL PHOTOS. So, it is a perfect blend of information, illustrations, photography, easy-to-do experiments, and”

“the holy grail of homeschooling mommas like me”


Cross Reference - Germs

Each book in the series is CROSS REFERENCED to the others.

If I look up “Germs” it will show me which books in the series talk about Germs.


Germs you wash off your body.


How your skin protects you from germs.


Really good stuff, I tell ya.

Seemore Skinless

And in case you didn’t learn enough, there’s always the Seemore Skinless included software.

He (?) will walk your child through his/her body to see how it works.


As you can tell, Emelie is VERY excited about Seemore.

I’m not an affiliate or rep for Southwestern, but I’m sure you can contact them through their website if you have any interest in these books. They may even send Jenny to your home.

She’s spunky.
And? She likes me BEST because I gave her ice cream and a brownie after a long, long day.

I’m good like that.
Plus, I needed to get it out of the house before I snarfed it.

From Southwestern: “Many readers have asked how to obtain the products. While sold exclusively by student dealers in the home, you can call Southwestern toll free at 1-888-551-5901 Monday-Friday 8am-5pm CST. When speaking with a phone rep, please provide Jenny’s account #, which is 11575083.”


Heather Sanders is a leading homeschooling journalist who inspires homeschooling families across the nation. Married to Jeff, Heather lives in the East Texas Piney Woods and homeschools her three children, Emelie, Meredith and Kenny.

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