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Southwestern is a book publishing company that publishes beautiful books that help students with subjects they will learn in school. Southwestern Advantage books also help parents because they succinctly explain the topics that their children are studying.
You may have recently received a knock at your door by a college student selling these books. Why are they being sold by college students instead of through bookstores? Since the companies inception their business model has included students purchasing materials and then going door to door to sell them.
Ryan Saumur, who is one of these students, knocked on our door today. He is going to college in Minnesota but is in the Philadelphia area this summer. Ryan expertly explained the program and directed us to Southwestern’s website: Ryan has an extensive knowledge of the company and can be reached on Facebook: Ryan “Bookman” Saumur.
On Southwestern Advantage’s website’s product page you can find age appropriate materials for your child. There is even a link to college preparatory materials from The Princeton Review.
Southwestern Advantage also has a You Tube site: shows you how to use their books and their video site together. (It’s best to view this site with Firefox)
If you are possibly interested in selling these books the program is explained in more detail at:
The company has been around for a long time and has some very surprising alumni including Marsha Blackburn who is a U.S. Representative from Tennessee and Rick Perry who is the Governor of Texas.
The goal of Southwestern Advantage is to make the educational journey through school easier for kids and their parents. They do this by using beautifully illustrated books which work in tandem with their internet sites.

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