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An Angel came to my front door

An Angel came to my front door

Shevlin, Minnesota

Although this didn't result in a sale of any books, my daughter, Jayme Kaiser, who is a member of the JunkYard Dawgs, had this message posted on facebook about her from one of her attempted sales.

Jayme wrote: "this was posted on my facebook business page.... from a mom, who knew a mom that I had talked to last week. who had just lost her son when i knocked on her door.

Jayme - This is from Julie... ... ... Julie Ann Linton Kern

"I want to tell you all something that happened on the early Monday morning before the funeral. An Angel came to my front door(I didn't realize it then and not till today) and I will tell you why I know it was an Angel. We live down sandstone road on cuff rd on a private road that goes down and around before you reach my driveway which is 700 ft long. Jeff and I were just getting up standing in the hallway by the front door and someone knocked on the door. I opened the door and there stood a young woman and she said "you must be the mom of the house and I said yes I am. then I said are you selling something and she said yes I said I'm not interested right now I just lost my son. she held out her arms and put them around me and held me close and whispered in my ear saying its going to be okay. God has a plan, God has a plan and I just cried and tears ran down her cheeks. touched my cheek and said it again. Its going to be okay. God has a plan. I didn't realize it then. I keep hearing her voice and seeing her angelic face. I don't think she was I know she is an Angel and God sent her to me. No ever comes to my house selling something especially not at 8:00 am. I truly believe she was sent to me."

There are dozens of comments to this post now. You have touched SO many! Thank you!!!!

i'm in the middle of Michigan selling books. but i'm not here to sell books. i'm here to touch lives. and the fact that God can do that through me, is such a privilege and an honor."

This message was relayed to me from Jayme, who had it relayed to her from a friend to the woman she had spoken to. I feel very blessed to hear that my daughter was considered an angel while selling books through your company. When I do get the chance to hear from her, she speaks nothing but praise of the wonderful work she is accomplishing, and how much she enjoys helping others. To see this kind of behavior from someone whom my family doesn't know, to say such nice things about my Jayme, is truly one of the greatest feelings I have ever felt!

Submitted by:

Kim Kaiser

Mother of Jayme Kaiser

August 7, 2013

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