Southwestern Advantage

Share the Advantage

Paying It Forward

Over the past 150+ years, Southwestern Advantage has developed and refined a unique program for helping young people build character and become successful in life.

Part of our mission is to share education and learning skills with every family. To this end, our Share the Advantage program serves as a way to give back and help children, families and nonprofit organizations who need our products most.

Share the Advantage consists of all efforts, companywide and through our independent student sales force, made to help families and the communities we live in, attend school in, work in and travel to. The Share the Advantage mission is to share education, learning skills and opportunity with every child and every family, regardless of their circumstances through individual relationships, qualified nonprofit partnerships and local community involvement.

Donated educational resources: Includes the donation of Southwestern Global Academy and often the books that supplement the sites. For every Southwestern Global Academy membership sold, students participating in the program can donate sites to families in need or nonprofit organizations on a one-to-one ratio.

Community donations/projects: Executives and management with the company and student teams on campus are encouraged to get involved in the community. The Share the Advantage program can be used to donate to after school programs for at-risk children and other organizations helping kids with their education.

Service projects: Each year, across the world Southwestern Advantage leave not only footprints on the beach in the places we have our annual incentive trips, but imprints on the communities they are in for long-term impact. These projects are 100% funded by the student dealers who optionally donate a portion of their profit during “Service Week” in the summer. While on the incentive trip they can earn, this money is used to help individuals and organizations outside the hotel zone who are struggling in their efforts to help others. In the past, a few of the projects have included the following: adding classrooms to schools to get more kids off the streets and in the classroom, building a community center, cleaning up a city park, adding a floor to a girl’s safe shelter, building a wing on a library for children and special needs children, assisting with the needs of schools, daycares, a school for the mute & deaf, and many more.

 Mission trips: Through a partnership with Southwestern Travel, students and anyone else can experience mission travel in an effort to change lives, serve others and seek personal and spiritual growth.