For Host Families

Here’s your chance to help a college kid on what could be the most important summer of their life.

Give back, get back.

There are lots of reasons to host a student in the Southwestern Advantage program. Here are just a few...

First off...

… let’s clear away some “negative connotations” that college kids have! See, kids in the Southwestern Advantage program are NOT like the rest. They clean up after themselves. They’re extremely trustworthy. And they’re as responsible as they come.

These are special young adults who are working their buns off to get ahead in life. You’ll get to know the ones who stay with you, forming bonds that last for life. They’ll pay you rent. They’ll make their own food (though you’re welcome to cook a nice family dinner if you’d like!). And, in all sincerity, they’ll be gone most of the day anyhow.

So if you’d like to...

… provide a safe, clean home to college students who are spending their summers learning life skills, career & leadership skills… and you’d like to enrich your own life by getting to know these wonderful young adults… Here’s your chance.

Features Include

  • Host 2-4 young men or women who are responsible, clean and trustworthy.
  • If you have a clean home in a safe neighborhood - you’re eligible!
  • Earn rent from each student - and do practically no work for it! They’ll clean up after themselves, take care of their own laundry, buy and prep their own food and provide their own transportation.
  • Form bonds that last for life. These are special young men and women who are driven, ambitious and hard workers.

Host Families Update Your Information

For questions about how to become a host family or to update information for an existing host family, please email