Skills For Life

Our products help kids develop life skills… that really stick for life. Youngsters learn about honesty and helping others. And teens learn to deal with the issues that come with being a teen.

Academics + Skills for life. The Southwestern Advantage way.

We don’t want to just help your kids with school. We want to help them with life.

What did Teacher say…

… when Seahorse the Puppet asked about learning about things other than school subjects? Things that are “important in life”? Teacher referred to another puppet for a very profound answer:

“Intelligence plus character is the true goal of education.”

And that’s exactly what our products aim to do: develop intelligence and powerful character traits in your kids.

From why it’s important to help others, to how to deal with the “Valentine’s Day Blues”… Our products help kids of all ages.

Teens learn how to deal with hormones and the awkwardness that comes with being a teen. Young kids learn about respect, self-discipline and curiosity. In the end, they both gain tools to live a caring, fulfilling life.

Features Include

  • Young children play and interact with puppets and friendly teachers online to learn all about being a good person.
  • Teens get articles and videos on confidence, problems that only teens encounter and more.
  • All of the content is perfectly suited for each age group. As your child grows, we have new tools, articles, games & videos that grow with them.
  • And more! Our websites and books are filled to the brim with amazing content. And they’re constantly being updated to help your kids even more.