My Fun With Words

Language made simple, funny & fun for kids.

“A door is a thing that you are always on the wrong side of...” (Book 1, p. 103).

To kids, the world is full of complicated words. “My Fun with Words” makes it simple & fun.

A dictionary can define...

… practically every word. But can it define every word in a way that a young child can understand? That’s where “My Fun With Words” comes in. Simple sentences make words clear to kids. Silly cartoons give them hours of laughter.

And at the end of it all, they learn, grow and expand their vocabularies. Every letter of the alphabet is covered. And every section contains definitions that encourage kids to have fun with language.

“The ability to use language is one of the most valuable skills your children can acquire.” - James Ertel, from the introduction of “My Fun With Words”

Language becomes approachable and fun with this dictionary designed only for kids. If you've got a future Shakespeare on your hands, “My Fun With Words” will help flush it out.


  • Fun, easy-to-understand definitions for words in every letter of the alphabet.
  • Silly cartoons make definitions really stick.
  • A humorous approach encourages kids to let loose with language, experiment and have fun.
  • 384 pages of laughter & learning.
  • And more! There are hours of fun words and their meanings to explore with your kids.