My Books

The fun book series that helps youngsters learn shapes, colors, numbers & words…
in English and in Spanish.

Laughter & Learning: Like two peas in a pod.

Bringing laughter, learning & language together. That’s the true secret of the remarkable “My Books” series.

Colors, numbers, shapes & words...

That’s what your young child will learn about in this bright, vibrant, and informative series. Every page is colorful. Every page is full of fun drawings. And every page contains English and Spanish translations.

The result: kids seamlessly learn how to pronounce basic words and concepts in two languages. And because their imaginations are activated through fun drawings and symbols - the learning really sticks.

It’s like an English-Spanish tutor. Right on your bookshelf.

Any time you have some down time, just reach for your bookshelf. A fun, educational session with your kids will always be waiting for you. These books are good for hours and hours of fun learning & together-time.


  • Colorful, imaginative cartoons keep kids engaged and excited. 
  • English & Spanish translations of words let kids master two languages in one sitting. 
  • Get ready for some fun times. You’ll love watching your child’s eyes light up with the turn of each page. That’s because every page contains new cartoons and colors that make kids smile.
  • And more! There are 4 books full of fun, learning & laughter!