Explore & Learn

Jampacked with stories, activities, cartoons & answers that teach kids how the world works…
and why

Learning about life just became the funnest part of your child’s day.

Learn all about technology, seasons, people, and everything else under the sun… As well as what’s beyond it.

What’s the one thing...

… that makes all life on earth possible? What did the lion learn when he couldn't decide between a hare and a zebra? How do you make your own glow-in-the-dark stars to stick to your ceiling?

The “Explore & Learn” series covers these topics and more. Every book is packed with thought-provoking fables… do-it-yourself activities that “get your hands dirty” with learning… and inspiring facts about earth and space…

These books cover everything under the sun. As well as what’s beyond it.

If your child has an unquenchable thirst to learn all about life and the universe - this series is a must-have. You’ll have fun learning together, laughing at silly cartoons, doing homemade science projects and wondering about the deep mysteries of life.

Features Include

  • Hundreds of interesting facts about life and outer space, presented in a unique, kid-friendly layout.
  • Short stories that each teach a powerful, thought-provoking lesson on life.
  • Funny cartoons that make learning an engaging, laughing event.
  • Do-it-yourself science projects, arts & crafts, and experiments that make early education a “hands on” and super-fun activity.
  • And more! There are 6 books packed with hours upon hours of exciting learning (and a great excuse for together-time).