Calling All Campuses!

If the Southwestern Advantage Summer Program isn’t already on your campus - we want you!
And here’s why you’ll love having us...

Featured in Texas A&M, UCLA, UGA & more...

Give your students an opportunity to excel in life like never before. That’s what the Southwestern Advantage program is all about.

Like Dr. Larry Routh of University of Nebraska at Lincoln said...

“The students I have met that have participated in the Southwestern Advantage program always come out more confident and energized for new challenges & experiences.”

Our program provides adventure. Excitement. Challenge. Growth. College students literally build their own businesses in a single summer, allowing them to earn good income, learn powerful job skills to put on their resumes before they even begin their careers, and grow profoundly as human beings.

Students will be challenged.

And it’s up to them to face those challenges. But when they do, and they see that no challenge is too big for them to conquer, they’re changed for life… in powerful ways.

Features Include

  • Gives students invaluable career training that other people only get “on the job”.
  • Many students earn enough income to pay for tuition, books, housing, etc. 
  • The challenges students face build character and confidence that sticks for life.
  • And it’s FUN. Many say it’s most fun they’ve ever had. Period.