Career Services

Available only to representatives & alumni of the Southwestern Advantage program:
Get powerful help to jumpstart your career.

Resume help, interviewing secrets & more.

So you’re ready to dive into your new career. We can help.

Now that YOU'VE completed the SOUTHWESTERN Advantage Program......

You’re locked & loaded with powerful skills, traits and more. And these are the kinds of skills and traits that employers are desperately searching for. Now, with our Career Services advantage, we’ll help you communicate your unique abilities in the exact way that employers need to hear them.

We’ll help you construct a compelling resume. We’ll teach you how to interview, inside & out. We’ll even show you how to find your dream job, and negotiate a salary.

And if that’s not enough…

We work directly with almost 20 unique sales companies who love hiring one kind of employee: graduates of the Southwestern Advantage program. Or maybe you love Southwestern Advantage, and want to stick around. We can set you up with interviews to become part of the corporate headquarters where all the magic happens.

Features Include

  • Learn how to construct a compelling, organized, and powerful resume.
  • Discover job searching techniques to find the job you want, in the location you want.
  • Learn everything you need to know to negotiate a fair salary in your new career.
  • Or get placed in one of the 20 partner companies of Southwestern Advantage - or even join the Southwestern Advantage corporate team!

Build a business with Southwestern Advantage.

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